Celebrating and conserving the ecological richness of California's grasslands

Grasslands Journal 

Grasslands is published four times year with feature articles about native grasses, restoration, land management, current conservation efforts, and (of course) grassland habitat. 

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 Grasslands - Summer 2020 Vol 30. No. 3 

   In this issue:

  • The Impact of Drought and Pocket Gophers on Restored Native Perennial Bunchgrasses in California
  • Grasslands Researcher: Justin Luong
  • Can a Summer Burn Following Watering to Flush the Exotic Annual Grass Seedbank Confer an Advantage to Native Perennial Grasses in Restored Grasslands? 
  • Species Spotlight: Hairy Orcutt Grass
  • Bunchgrass Circle

On the cover:  A beautiful and diverse collection of natives found on a rural roadside outside of Petaluma. Photo by Emily Allen, CNGA Board Member

Grasslands - Spring 2020 Vol 30. No. 2

In this issue

  • Biodiversity Loss and Phenology in California Grasslands
  • Grasslands Researcher: Sarah Gaffney
  • Invasive Annual Weeds—Problems or Symptoms? Part 4
  • Species Spotlight: Hairy Wood Rush
  • Large-flowered Fiddleneck Recovery Implementation Team
  • Meet the 2020 Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship (GRASS) Recipients
  • Bunchgrass Circle

On the cover:  San Luis Obispo County wildflowers, April 13, 2019. Photo: Mariga Torossian

Grasslands - Winter 2020 Vol 30. No. 1 

  • Species Spotlight: Santa Cruz Tarplant
  • California Native Grasslands: A Historical Perspective
  • Grasslands Researcher: Maddie Nolan
  • Unraveling the Plant-insect interactions Taking Place in Your Native Garden
  • Meet a Rancher: Julie Finigan Morris and Joe Morris
  • Is Funding Always Worth the Cost? 
  • Bunchgrass Circle

On the cover:  A rare significant snowfall on the Mitsui Ranch, in the oak savanna of the Inner Coast Range of Sonoma County near Petaluma. Photo:Jeffery T. Wilcox, Managing Ecologist, Sonoma Mountain Ranch Preservation Foundation, Former CNGA Board Member

Grasslands - Fall 2019 Vol 29. No. 4

    • VISIT A NATIVE GRASSLAND: Prairies of Point Arena
    • California Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship
    • Mapping and Investigating the Spatial Distribution of Peritoma arborea var. globosa, a California Endemic Shrub
    • SPECIES SPOTLIGHT:  Monument Plant
    • Impacts of Coastal Scrub on the Diversity of Introduced and Native Grass in Southwestern Marin County
    • CNGA Calendar
    • Safeguard Native Grasses and Forbs for a More Wildfire Resilient California: CNGA weighs in on big state vegetation treatment project affecting over 20 million acres. 
    • A New Field Guide for Identifying Weeds, Forages and Native of Central Sierra Nevada
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    On the cover: Madia elegans (common, or showy madia) growing at Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, CA. Photo courtesy of Emily Allen, CNGA Board of Directors.  

    Grasslands - Summer 2019 Vol 29. No. 3 - Special Issue: Fire in California

    • CNGA's 12th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms
    • Location and Seeding Affect the Outcomes of Controlled Burning of California Annual Rangeland
    • Species Spotlight: Fire Poppy
    • Invasive Weed Management Post-Wildfire: Closer Look at Camp Fire Invasive Weeds in Right-of-ways
    • Grasslands Researcher: Sasha Berleman
    • Burning by the Day: Why Cost/acre is not a Good Metric for Prescribed Fire
    • Field Report: Building a Burn Trailer to Support Your Community's Prescribed Fire Efforts
    • Going Native: Designing for Fire--Homeowner Guidelines and Considerations for Native Planting

    Grasslands - Spring 2019 Vol 29. No. 2

    • Restoring Native Grasslands for Wildlife and Grazing
    • Grow a Genius!
    • Climate Change and Grass-Specialist Butterflies of the Central Valley
    • Options for Prescribed Fire on Private Lands in California
    • Species Spotlight: Side-blotched Lizard
    • Grasslands Researcher: Three Ecologists Remember Dr. Erin Espeland
    • Meet the 2019 Grassland Research Awards for Student Scholarship Recipients
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    Grasslands - Winter 2019 Vol 29. No. 1 

    • Improving Habitat Values in a South Davis Neighborhood
    • Visiting California Grasslands: City of Davis South Fork Preserve
    • Evaluating Prescribed Fire Effect on Medusa Head and Other Invasive Plants in Coastal Prairie at Point Pinole
    • Species Spotlight: Biological Soil Crusts
    • A View from the Field: Invasive Annual Weeds--Problems or Symptoms? Part 3
    • Grasslands Researcher: Kendra Moseley
    • Bunchgrass Circle

    Grasslands - Fall 2018 Vol 28. No. 4          

      • Snapshot: Native Landscaping and Metapopulations
      • Monitoring Long-term Change in Coastal Prairies of the Marin Headlands
      • Visiting California Grasslands: Brushy Creek Regional Preserve
      • Species Spotlight: Narrow Manna Grass
      • Explaining the Dispersed Spatial Pattern of Peritoma arborea var. globosa

      Grasslands - Summer 2018 Vol 28. No. 3          

      • Visiting California Grasslands: Azalea hill/Pine Mountain, Marin Co.
      • CNGA's 11th Annual Field Day at Hedgerow Farms
      • Species Spotlight: Jerusalem Cricket
      • View From the Field: Invasive Annual Weeds - Problems or Symptoms? Part 2

      Grasslands - Spring 2018 Vol 28. No. 2     

      • Natural History (for a Natural Future) in  California's Grasslands
      • Species Spotlight: Loggerhead Shrike
      • Invasive Annual Weeds--Problems or Symptoms?
      • Snapshot: Springtime Observations in Your Native Garden
      • Visiting California Grasslands: Low Gap Park, Ukiah, Mendocino County

      APPENDIX: Abstracts on Grasslands from CNPS Conference, February 2018 in Los Angeles

      Grasslands Vol 28. No. 1 - Winter 2018


      • California's Native Perennial Grasses Provide Strong Suppression of Goatgrass and Medusahead
      • Reprint from 2008 with introduction comments from CNGA Board Members - Italian Ryegrass: A New Central California Dominant? 
      • Creating Structured Native Meadows for Landscapes

      Grasslands Vol 27, No. 4 - Fall 2017  


      • Re-watering Rangeland for Drought Resistance
      • Landscaping with Natives - Sticky Plants in Your Garden 
      • Species Spotlight: Western Meadowlark
      • Visit a Grassland: Point St. George
      • Progress Report: Tumbleweed on California's Central Coast

      Vol. 27. No. 3 - Summer 2017 -Special Issue - Critters in the Grasslands

      • California's Central Valley: A Winter Paradise for North America's Raptors
      • Game Species management and Economics of Hunting Enterprises in California Grasslands
      • Species Spotlight: Crab Spider
      • Announcing a new Grasslands Series: Native Landscaping Snapshots

         Vol. 27. No. 2 -  Spring 2017 Special Issue: Climate Change and Grasslands
                 Appendix to Volume 27 (2)

        Feature Articles:

        • California's Drier Future: What Will it Mean for Grasslands?
        • Soil Characteristics Influence Drought Tolerance of Perennial Plants During Mediterranean Summers or Projected Climate Changes
        • Experimental Approaches to Addressing Climate Change Challenges in Prairie Restoration
        • Species Spotlight: Douglas' Meadowfoam

          Vol. 27. No. 1 - Winter 2017 

          Feature Articles:

          • Sleeping Beneath the Weeds: Unearthing California Native Seeds
          • In Search of an "Honest" Grass
          • Visit a Grassland: Jepson Prairie Preserve, Solano County

          Vol. 26. No. 4 - Fall 2016

               Supplemental materials: References and Appendix

             Feature Articles:

          • Restoring Native Coastal Prairies on California's Lost Coast
          • Seedbanks in Restored and Degraded Annual California Grasslands: Implications for Management
          • Breeding Systems and Hybridization Potential of Native Grassland Species

          Vol. 26. No.3 - Summer 2016

          Feature Articles:

          • Topography, Nitrogen and the Growth of Stipa pulchra
          • Santa Rosa Plateau Habitat Studies and Restoration Program
          • Diversifying  Revegetated Native Grassland Communities with Native Wildflowers

          Vol. 26. No.2 - Spring 2016

          Vol. 26, No. 1 - Winter 2016

          Vol. 25, No. 4 - Fall 2015

          Vol. 25, No. 3 - Summer 2015

                      Vol. 25, No. 3 - Summer 2015 Appendix A 
            Vol 25, No. 2 - Spring 2015

            Vol. 25, No. 1 - Winter 2015

            Vol. 24, No. 4 - Fall 2014

            Vol. 24, No. 3 - Summer 2014

            Vol. 24, No. 2 - Spring 2014 Special Issue:Drought Management

            Vol. 24. No. 1 - Winter 2014

            Vol. 23, No. 4 - Fall 2013

            Vol. 23, No. 3 - Summer 2013

            Vol. 23, No. 2 - Spring 2013

            Vol. 23, No. 1 - Winter 2013

            Vol. 22, No. 4 - Fall 2012

            Vol. 22, No. 3 - Summer 2012

            Vol. 22, No. 2 - Spring 2012

            Vol. 22, No. 1 - Winter 2012

            Vol. 21, No. 4 - Fall 2011

            Vol. 21, No. 3 - Summer 2011 

            Vol. 21, No. 2 - Spring 2011 Feature Article - CNGA 20th Anniversary: What have we learned about grasses or grasslands in the past 20 years? part 2. 

            Vol. 21, No. 1 - Winter 2011  Feature Article - CNGA 20th Anniversary: What have we learned about grasses or grasslands in the past 20 years?  

            Vol. 20, No. 4 - Fall 2010 (missing pages 16  17) Feature Article- The Marin Carbon Project: Theory in Practice

            Vol 20, No. 3 - Summer 2010 (missing cover) Feature Article- An Overview of North Coast Grasses

            Vol. 20, No. 2 - Spring 2010 Feature Article- Regenerating Disturbed Soils to Sustain Vegetation by Vic Claassen & Jim Hanson

            Vol. 20, No. 1 - Winter 2010 

            Vol. 19, No. 4 - Fall 2009 Feature Article- Conservation Management of California's Coastal Prairie

            Vol. 19, No. 2 - Spring 2009 Feature Article-Italian Ryegrass: A New Central Coast Dominant? 

            Vol. 19, No. 1 - Winter 2009 Feature Article- Life Histories of Vernal Pool Annual Grasses

            Vol 11, No 1 - Winter 2001 Excerpted Article - Resource Management Demonstration at Russian Ridge Preserve, Paul Kephart, Rana Creek Habitat Restoration - Five management options explored in coastal grassland habitat in San Mateo County. 

            Grasslands Newsletters

            October 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Grassland Restoration in California, by David Amme

            September 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Articles-

            -Perennial Grasses for Roadside Weed Control, by Ted Adams & John Menke

            -Sampling Scheme for Germplasm Conservation & Analysis of Genetic Variation in California Native Grasses: A Suggested Strategy, by Margi Oard

            May 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Seeding After Wildfire in California, by David Amme & Ted Adams

            February 1992 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Mycorrhizae and Restoration of Native Grasslands, by T.V. St. John

            October 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article-Grazing and Fire Management, by John W. Menke

            July 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Notes on Native Grasses, by Judith Lowry

            April 1991 CNGA Grasslands Newsletter Feature Article- Working with Native Perennial Grasses, by Davis Amme

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