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Historical Literature from Bibliography by David Amme (c 2003) 

NOTE: The bibliography is arranged chronologically from 1908 to 2003. 

Introduction to the CNGA California Native Grass and Grassland Management Bibliography

Historical Works of California Native Grasses and Grassland Management

by David Amme

Research and appreciation of California’s native grasses and grasslands has been a long time coming. The earliest work on native grasses was from the point of view of the natural revegetation of depleted or overgrazed mountain meadows and rangeland of the west by Arthur Sampson who wrote several reports for the U.S. Forest Service under the guidance of Gifford Pinchot in the early 1900s. Soon after these publications Samson became an Associate Professor of Forestry and Plant Ecology at U.C. Berkeley. In 1919 Sampson wrote Plant Succession in Relation to Range Management, a classic “Clementian” analysis of native perennial grasses and forbs filled with scale illustrations of their root system profiles. In 1923 Sampson wrote one of the first text books on western range management—Range and Pasture Management, followed in 1923 by one of the first texts on native forage plants—Native American Forage Plants. Sampson wrote his classic text in range management in 1952—Range Management Principles and Practices. In the 1930’s Sampson contributed to several research papers in Hilgardia published by California’s first Agricultural Experiment Station at Oxford Tract in Berkeley. One of Hilgardia’s most famous issues on California native grasses—Distribution of the Native Grasses of California, was written in 1947 by Alan Beetle, professor of Agronomy in the Experiment Station and one of Sampson’s close colleagues. Sampson continued to write many articles, bulletins and circulars for the budding Agricultural Experiment Station which evolved into the California Agricultural Extension Service.

More focused research on California native grasses and grassland management did not appear until the mid-1940’s starting with the research of Merton Love, Burle Jones, and others centered at the U.C. Extensions in Davis, California. Today, the articles and circulars of this era are difficult to find and reside only in a handful of libraries in the state. The work on California native grasses begun in the 1940s and 50s was basically usurped by introduced perennial grasses with emphasis on forage production and range fertilization in the 1960s and 70s. By this time California’s grassland was firmly considered an annual grassland and native perennial grasses were given scant attention. The first publication devoted to native grasses appeared in the April 1981 issue of the California Native Plant Society’s journal, Fremontia.  Interest in California’s native grasses gradually increased in the 1980s finally giving birth to the California Native Grass Association in 1991. Native perennial grasses that were once produced in the 1940s did not return into production until almost fifty years later.

The following bibliography chronologically charts important research and papers on California’s native grasses and grassland management from the earliest papers by Sampson to the present. As an educational service to our membership, CNGA is reproducing many of the earlier, historical out-of-print articles and papers in the style they were originally written. Gradually, the bibliography will expand, as will the number of reproduced papers, presenting important earlier papers as well as recent papers devoted to California native grasses and grassland management.

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